The Log - The world's newest religion

What is The Log?

The Log is our Saviour. He who cometh to you in our darkest times in a flash of viridian light. "All Hail the Log!" Sayeth the First Disciple. The Log Protects you from The Adversary. The Log Remembers. "Praise be unto The Log!"

The Log cometh in the formth of the Leafy Threesome. The Log, The Sapling and the Almighty Holy C.

The Log is the religion officially endorsed by GreenPiss

The official Log Operating System is TempleOS, use this wisely to pay Your tribute to The Log and Revel in the power of The Almighty Holy C.

9 commandments of The Log Disciple

Creed of The Log Follower

Praise of The Log

Praise be upon The Holy Log, He who Suffered so We do not We shall uphold the Creed of the Holy Log And bring Life to Virgin Nature's Lore.

About the Church of the Holy Log

The Church of the Holy Log was founded by His Holiness Reverend Anemone Smith in 2014 after having an epiphany while walking through a Pine forest in Australia. It has since grown to support many members including the famous alternative medicine specialist Doctor William Nelson.

About the Reverend

Father Anemone Smith His Holiness Father Anemone Smith is the First Log Acolyte and a strong believer in alternative medicine. He dreams of the day when everyone stops being mislead by major pharmaceutical companies and believe in the Holy Log instead.